Send Pictures on WhatsApp without Losing Quality


For speedier file transfers, the Whatsapp reduces image quality by around 70% by default. While the app maintains this practice, there are a few workarounds that can be used to transmit photographs at their original quality.


Here’s how to send WhatsApp images without reducing quality:

Step 1- Open WhatsApp and choose the contact to whom you want to send the photo


Step 2- Next to the camera symbol at the bottom of the chat screen is a paper clip-like icon.

Step 3- A list of icons will emerge when you click on the paper clip icon.

Step 4- Now select Documents from the drop-down menu.


Step 5- Then, from your phone, select the photo you wish to email as a document.

Step 6- At the top, there's a 'Browse other docs' option. If you are unable to locate the image.

Step7: Then tap on


Step 8- Look through the directories until you find the image file you wish to transmit, then pick it.

Step9: To send a message, press the send button.


Step10: The photograph will then be delivered to the intended recipient.