LEAKED! One significant Apple iPhone 14 feature will be absent!

Reports and leaks about the iPhone 14 series have already created a lot of excitement among Apple fans.

They are now eagerly awaiting Apple's announcement of its specifications and features, as well as its release date. However, the tech giant has not revealed anything, leaving everyone to rely on leaks to learn about the iPhone 14's features.

A lot has already been revealed by media reports, blogs, and leaks, but as previously stated, there is no official confirmation- whether the iPhone 14 will actually exist or not has not been officially confirmed.

So, first and foremost, the iPhone 14 series is scheduled to debut in September 2022.

It is now being reported that, among other iPhone 14 features, one will be missing.

According to Forbes, citing The Elec, the iPhone 14 will not have a high refresh rate 120Hz ProMotion display.


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