Android 13: What’s new this time

Photo Picker:

Photo Picker is the feature, allowing Android users to give an app permission to access only those photos that you want it to.

Nearby device permission for Wi-Fi:

Android 13 will now ask apps to take permission for connecting to a device over Wi-Fi.

Custom Quick Settings tiles:

Android 13 will allow you now place a function shortcut to the Quick Settings section in Notifications Shade, the place where you manage your Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, brightness levels and so on.

Update theme engine:

Android 13 will now allow non-Google apps to take advantage of the Material You dynamic colour engine. Hence, you can now have your WhatsApp icon follow the colour theme of your wallpaper, just like other Google apps.

Per-app language:

Apps in Android 13 can now have separate languages from the system language with causing issues to compatibility and underlying codes.


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