Best Neckband Earphones Under 500 in India {2024}

The Best Neckband Earphones Under 500 in India are ideal types of Bluetooth headphones for people who love listening to music while running, walking, exercising, etc.

Neckband headphones are extremely popular because they’re very lightweight, comfortable, and sweat-proof.

But before that first see a quick and easy definition of neckband earphones.

What is a neckband earphone?

The neckband earphones are designed to be worn around the neck, hence the name. The design of the earphones is such that you don’t have to worry about them falling off your ears. The cable is connected to the back of the neckband, and there is cushion support around the ears which safeguards it from falling off easily.

Neckband earphones are ideal for sports and outdoor activities as they don’t fall off and you can concentrate on your sports and activities. The neckband is supported by a thin wire, and the cable usually goes behind the neck.

The best Neckband Earphones Under 500 rupees are:

1. U & I Fighter Series Wireless Neckband

Best Neckband Earphones Under 500 rs

This neckband headphone from U & I provides a comfortable fit for your ears, with an adjustable cable to have your perfect fit. The sound quality on these headphones is fantastic and it looks good too.

The headphones also come with smart controls which let you control volume, play/pause songs, or pick up your phone. You can get these headphones at a very low price around 500rs. They come with a warranty of 1 year and have a 3-month replacement policy.

The headphones were designed with comfort in mind, which is why they are easy on your ears. They come with a nice neckband design and you can adjust them to fit your needs properly.

You can even make calls on these headphones as it comes with an in-line mic, also built-in buttons.

Key Features

  • Wearing Experience That Is Pleasant
  • The sound quality is excellent
  • Playback Time: 12 Hours
  • Volume controls are included

2. NOYMI et147 Wireless Bluetooth Neckband

Best Neckband Earphones Under 500 rs

NOYMI, a popular brand in the headphone industry, has come up with some really good Neckband earphones. The Noymi et147 is one of them, which comes with many cool features.

The headphone also has anti-drop technology to ensure that your music doesn’t stop playing even if it falls off during sports activities. This is an added advantage for people who like sports and outdoor activities.

The in-line microphone also lets you answer calls and talk to the person calling you without having to hold your phone or press numerous buttons. You can adjust the volume while using this headphone on a call, which gives it an edge over other headphones on the market.

Key Features

  • Buttons for changing the volume
  • Water-resistant
  • Excellent battery backup

3. U & I Titanic Series Wireless Bluetooth Neckband

Best Neckband headphones Under 500 in India

The sound quality on these headphones is amazing, with deep bass and thumping sounds. It also comes with a noise cancellation feature that lets you enjoy your music or talk to someone without any background noise or disturbance.

These neckband earphones are perfect for sports as they don’t fall out due to their design. They come with a one-year warranty and replacement policy, so you can easily claim them if there is an issue with the equipment after purchase.

The headphone looks very catchy and has a soft cushion around your neck which makes it comfortable.

Key Features

  • Lightweight and simple to transport
  • It has a 10-hour battery backup
  • Buttons for changing the volume
  • Earbuds with Magnet

4. PSN NB-11 Pro Wireless Neckband

Best Neckband Earphones Under 500 rs in India

This is a wireless neckband headphone from PSN, which comes with excellent features. The sound quality on these headphones is fantastic and you will be able to enjoy your music on the move without any interruption.

These earphones are foldable and compact, so they can fit in your pocket easily while traveling.  They come with a full-length wire that goes behind your neck and has an earphone at the end of it. The sound quality on these headphones is great and they look very attractive too.

The PSN NB-11 Pro is one of the best wireless neckband headphones available in the market currently, under 500rs. You can get these Neckbands from the below link

Key Features

  • Great sound quality
  • Volume up-down buttons
  • 20 hours of battery life
  • Noise Isolation

5. Aroma Yellow Series NB 119 PRO Headphones

Best Neckband Earphones Under 500 rs

The aroma series is also one of our crowd favorites. Aroma Yellow Series NB 119 PRO Wireless Neckband Headphone comes with the latest Bluetooth version, so you will have hassle-free connectivity with your device.

The battery life on these headphones is 20 hours long, which lets you enjoy your music for longer durations without having to recharge the battery.

The sound quality is amazing, and you can adjust the volume of your device to suit your needs. The headphones are lightweight and come in a sleek, compact design that makes them perfect for travel.

You can even connect these headphones to two devices at once!

Key Features

  • New Features
  • 20 hours of battery life
  • Noise Cancellation
  • Lightweight design
  • Fast charging


The best neckband Earphones Under 500 rs are what everyone is looking for. They are also called sports headphones. The neckband earphones are generally easier to carry than normal wired earphones.

They are manufactured by many companies and are liked by many people. But the best one has not yet been found. Neckband earphones are cheap and affordable.

They are made by famous brands that are liked by people.

That is all for our post about the best neckband headphones. We hope you like our article and share it with your friends.

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