How to Increase laptop speed 2023

In Today’s article, I’m going to teach you how to increase laptop speed in 7 simple and easy steps.

So whether you have a laptop that has windows 10, windows 8, windows 7, or any older windows, this method is going to work on your laptop.

So not only this method will increase the speed of your laptop but also improve the performance of your laptop.

so without any further delay, let’s get started with how to speed up your windows 10 laptop.

7+ Tricks to Increase laptop speed

1. Disable Startup Apps And Notifications

So right now I’m using windows 10 but it should probably work on every version of the window so the first thing that we are going to do is disable the startup apps.

So what are startup apps?

The startup apps are the apps that start up when you boot your windows pc

If you want to boot into your pc a bit faster follow the below steps

  • open the task manager by pressing ctrl+shift and escape
  • now go on to the startup tab and disable any unnecessary apps that you find.

Now after that, we’re going to disable unnecessary notifications

  • go on to the start button
  • And type in “notification” in the search box
  • And disable any notification that you don’t want on your windows pc or any app
  • notification that you find unnecessary.

This method will also increase some processing power and speed up your laptop.

2. Delete Temporary Files

Now after disabling unnecessary startup apps and notifications, we’re going to delete Temporary files from our laptop. For that

  • Press the “Windows+R” button
  • Now here you have to type in the percentage symbol temp percentage symbol as


  • Now what you have to do is press select all and delete all these files.

Don’t worry none of your data and personal files will be deleted these are some of the temporary internet files that your windows pc used once or twice.

But these can be saved for a day, a week, a month, or even some years so it’s better to clean the clutter and just delete all the temporary files.

During deleting these files if you get any error, just press cancel.

3. Disable Background Apps

The next thing we’re going to do is disable all the background apps. This method will increase the speed of your laptop or desktop PC.

To disable Background apps

  • First click on the start button
  • And in the Search Bar type “background
Steps to Increase Laptop speed
  • You will see the system settings menu called background apps
  • Now open it up and disable any background application that you do not want to run in the background and suck up all your speed and all your performance what you have to do.

Disabling background apps will slightly increase the laptop’s startup speed.

4. Disk Cleanup

Now in this method, we are going to clean the drive in which the window is installed.

For that just follow the given steps-

  • open up “My Pc folder”
  • Now here you will see all your hard drives or all the partitions of the hard drive.
  • So what you have to do is click on the one which shows a little windows button on top of it.
  • Mainly window is installed in C drive but in your case, this might be a different windows
  • NOW here you have to do is select the one which shows the windows icon
  • Right-click on it and click on the properties
  • Now click on “disk cleanup”

It will search for the unnecessary files that it can clean up on your disk.

So let it sit for a while and let it do its job

Now when it has searched for the files, In your case might be less than 100 MB or it can be more than 40 GB storage space or anything. So just make sure to click select all of these files.

But I would suggest that you leave download on downloads uncheck as it contains the downloaded files that you downloaded from the internet.

So if you don’t want to delete them just make sure that it is unchecked and after that click on OK.

It will ask you to delete files click on ok again and it will perform disk cleanup.

Perform this method to clean your disk from time to time to increase your laptop speed.

5. Drives Optimization

So once that’s done, Now we will optimize our disk to increase their speed.

Now for that-

  • Again right-click on your windows drive. On my computer, it is the C drive
  • Now open its properties
  • Here  click on the tools tab
  • and click on  “check” to check system errors
Click on check errors
  • Click on Scan Drive and it will start scanning for any errors that might occur on your windows pc.
  • Once it has been done, you will receive a message to like errors found or errors not found.
  • So if there are any errors found on your pc you can go ahead and resolve them by clicking on the resolve button.
  • But if there are no errors just go ahead and click OK

After this, the next step that we are going to do is to click on optimize button and choose C Drive.

So after that, make sure to optimize all of these, click on ok and you can do the same process on all three drives you can repeat this same process on all the drives by going on to properties and doing all the settings that I explained to you.

You should also uninstall unnecessary software and third-party applications from your pc or laptop.

6. Changing Power Settings

So now we are going to change the power settings menu of our Pc to minimize CPU usage and to increase ram speed. To change power settings

  • First, go to the start button
  • Then type the control panel and open it
  • and once you’re in the control panel you
  • can see the search top right corner
  • Click on it and type in power and click on power options
  • Here you will see that your selected plan might be balanced
  • If you’re not seeing the three options power-saving balanced and high-performance option
steps to Speed up laptop
  • What you can do is click on the Windows Mobility Center  Button
  • And under battery status, you will see a drop-down menu from where you can select a high-performance power plan.

So just go ahead and click on high performance and close this menu so that was changing the power settings to high performance.

7. Optimizing System Performance

The next thing that you need to do is to Optimizing the System Performance of your laptop or pc. For that

  • Again go on to the control panel and type in advance
  • Under the system Click on View Advanced System Settings
  • And make sure that you’re under the advanced tab.
  • Now under the performance click on settings( the first setting button)
Adjust laptop for performance
  • Click on “Adjust for Best Performance”

So this will remove all the animations from your windows pc and believe me animations can have a huge impact on the performance of your games and other software or applications.

If you don’t mind having a pc that looks plain or simple but gives good performance while gaming you can just go ahead and click on it just for best performance.

But if you mind having a better appearance than performance so just click on it just for a better appearance.

For a better gaming experience, I would suggest that you guys go ahead and click on Adjust for best performance and click on apply.

And you will notice how it how much it has affected your system.

8. Using C cleaner

so the next thing that you need to do is go on to the link given Below 

which will take you to a website, Just scroll down and click on the download button Download the CC cleaner and install it.

  • Once the C cleaner is downloaded and installed,
  • Just run it And Click on custom clean and clean everything that you think is unnecessary
  • so you can clean up the internet cache internet history cookies all of that from Microsoft edge, internet explorer.
  • Basically what runs C cleaner does is clean up all the junk files like browser cache that you have stored in your system.
  • So make sure while cleaning, you should see what you are cleaning if you don’t want to delete that just uncheck that button.

So once you’re done with that just go ahead and click on run cleaner and click continue and it will rest of the work.

Once the cleaning process is done, just go ahead and close the C cleaner.


So that’s about it for how to increase laptop speed guys, I hope, you guys increased the performance of your windows 10 pc.

You can also try to ram upgrade to increase your ram memory is your laptop support, it will give a massive boost to your laptop speed

You should try these methods to boost up your laptop speed and it will also increase the gaming performance of your laptop or pc. And don’t forget to update device drivers.

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