How to install MinGW w64 on Windows 2023

Hello everyone, I welcome you to my blog. Today I will be showing you How to install the MinGW w64 compiler in a windows 7,8,10,11 operating system.

Now as you know that MinGW is a very popular compiler for c and c ++ programs but as you know that recently this website is not opening. Some people don’t want to use alternative compilers.

Also, many people don’t know how to set up GCC for visual studio code.

So in this article what I’ll be doing is I will be showing you a new way to download and install this MinGW compiler in your windows 10 operating system.


You can download the 32-Bit Version or 64-bit Version of Mingw as you like.

For downloading MINGW Just type MinGW w64 compiler or 32-bit MinGW compiler  in the Google search then just enter and now the first thing you will get is a so just simply click on the first result showing as-

MinGW – Minimalist GNU for Windows download – SourceForge

  • Just click on that, and we are going to download this Mingw-w64 Installer from this Sourceforge website. or simply Click Here to download.
  • So now here just click on this and download it, your download will start shortly.
  • Just wait four to five seconds and after the download is completed
  • Now just double-click on the exe file to install.
  • Now just simply click on install and basically Choose the directory where you want this program to be installed. But I will recommend you to keep this default installation folder and then simply click on continue.
install MinGW 64 in pc steps by steps
  • And now as you can see below it’s showing that connecting to downloads so basically you need to have an active internet connection right throughout the installation as you can see this uh downloading is currently in progress.
How todownload MinGW w64
  • And  when it gets done  simply click on continue  
  •  Now here in this MinGW, installation manager, They basically gave you some options to install.
  • In the MinGW Installations wizard, click on all and marks them for installation. You can do this by just right-clicking on it and then marked for installation.
  • Now click on installation and then just simply click on this apply changes.
install MinGW w64 compiler on Windows 10

  • After clicking on apply changes it will show you that downloading is in progress so it will take a minute or two

After this downloading has been rightly completed and the files are now getting extracted to be installed Once when it gets done so now as you can see that all changes are applied successfully so now you can simply close this wizard.

Now simply click on this command prompt by searching it.

and in the command window,

  •  First type g++ –version

And click on Enter Button ({Note its (G plus plus space minus minus version) }

Now it will be showing that-

 g++ is not recognized as  an internal or an external command

Now, this is because this environmental path has not been shed.

Now I will show you how to set the GCC Compiler path If you want to run C or C++ programs on your PC.

Setting GCC compiler path in Windows 10

So for that just simply close the command prompt

Now we will show you the steps to Setting up a GCC path Using GCC with Mingw-w64.

Then just go to your c directory  

  • And in here you can see that this MinGW has been installed over here so just click on that folder.
  • then go to this bin directory and now just go to this address bar right-click on it and copy this path by clicking Ctrl+V
How to install MinGW w64 compiler on Windows 10
  •  Then go to the  search icon and here type environment and now just 
  • Click on this edit system environment variables
How to install MinGW w64 gcc in pc
  • Now you will see this pop-up from this system properties now just Again click on these environment variables
  • Now under this system variable just click on the path and then edit 
How to install MinGW w64 for Windows 10
  • and now you will see this edit environment variable will pop up so now just simply click on new.
How to install MinGW-w64 on Windows 10
  • and in here just simply paste the previous path by simply ctrl v 

And now as you can see that this means the MinGW slash bin  folder has been rightly in a printed

  • Now just simply click on ok then again okay then again okay  

And now After closing this again, open your command prompt and simply type (G plus plus minus minus version) as

G++ –version

and now just enter and now as you can see that this 6.3.0 has been rightly shown in our home directory as well so now we just know that this environment path has been rightly set

After installation has finished click on the finish.


So, today we show How to install the Mingw w64 compiler for C and C++ programming on Windows 10 or in any other window.

As we already know, MinGW-w64 is a Windows compiler suite based on the GNU toolchain. It comes with a GCC compiler and other tools for building C and C++ programs for Windows. So it is very important for coders and students who want to learn to code.

We have already discussed how to install MinGW w64 in this article but if you are facing any other problems or want to know anything other about the MinGW compiler, Comment down and we will answer or write a separate article on that topic.

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