How to Fix Face ID after Water damage 2023

Today we will tell you How to Fix Face ID after Water damage on your device like iPhone X,11, XS, XR.

Apple‘s new flagship iPhone X offers a few cool new features, but one of the most anticipated is Face ID. However, many iPhone X,11, XS, XR users are reporting that the FaceID is not working after the iPhone was water damaged.

With Face ID, you can unlock your phone by just looking at it. While Face ID is certainly a cool new feature, it appears that it’s not quite perfect.

In fact, Apple already warns that you should never use Face ID on a wet phone. If your iPhone X’s screen cracks or gets wet, it can still function. However, Face ID will fail. This blog will explain how to fix Face ID after water damage.

Let’s first consider the following points-

Why is FaceId on my iPhone not working after water damage?

Water, electronics, and electricity do not mix well.

Water impurities cause corrosion and provide circuit routes for electricity that were not designed into the phone’s working design and could harm the components.

In the iPhone, FaceId is a security component. If the iPhone has come into contact with water, the main circuits of the Face ID are likely to have been exposed to water.

When a device is damaged by water or is exposed to a humid environment, there is a risk of power leakage or a short circuit, which can cause Face ID to fail.

Is Water Damage to an iPhone Covered Under Warranty?

Corrosion issues might arise as a result of water damage.

Unfortunately, your iPhone will not be covered under the one-year warranty policy if it is damaged by water.

How to Fix Face ID after Water damage

How to Fix Face ID after Water damage

To avoid further damage, first do not turn on your phone and then remove the battery as quickly as possible. And then try following tips to fix the face id not working after water damage

Restart Your iPhone

This is the initial step in resolving any issues like face id not working.

The restart technique has the ability to kidnap and kill the third party is a problem. If it’s a minor software glitch that caught you off guard, this could come in handy.

Follow the below steps to restart your device

  • Hold down the power button until the words “slide to power off” show on your screen.
  • To turn off your device, swipe your finger across the power icon from left to right.

Fix Your iPhone

If none of these suggestions helped, we strongly advise you to take your smartphone to an Apple Store expert or technician.

This is only a last resort, as entrusting your device to any technician will not result in a positive outcome (not counting your Face ID getting fixed).

Because the components for Face ID are considered security equipment, we do not recommend attempting to repair it yourself. In the same manner that Touch ID is “paired” to the logic board, they are “paired” to the logic board.

If they were destroyed, merely replacing them would not address the problem since the components would need to be reset to the logic board, which can only be done by Apple’s security equipment.

So, if your iPhone has a FaceId-related issue, please contact Apple Customer Service and have it fixed by Apple alone.

Last Words

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