Top 9 Best Computer Brands in India [2024]

Today, we will show you the list of the Top 9 Best Computer Brands in India that consistently put out great products.

This list will cover desktop computer brands from all over the world, with a few from India.

If you need a laptop or PC for office or personal use, you must differentiate between the different brands in the Indian market.

You need to figure out which is the best PC brand in India that gives you the best services in terms of customer support, pricing, and hardware performance.

These are all popular desktop companies in India.

1. Apple

Apple Inc. is an American global technology corporation. It is a company that creates, develops, and sells electrical products, desktop computer software, and internet services.

Apple products have been at the forefront of the consumer technology market for years. Apple holds four out of the top five spots in America’s Best-Selling Personal Computer Brands list. It has a wide selection of laptops, ranging from small, powerful ultrabooks to large MacBooks

And if you’re not into Apple Mac OS X, don’t worry because it also offers Windows operating systems!

2. Dell

Dell Computer is one of the biggest global computer brands. Dell has a presence in more than 140 countries.

The company has over 12 major brands under its wing, including Alienware, EMC, Dell Networking, and Precision Workstations, which help cater to specific customer needs.

Dell is the leading desktop computer brand in India. Dell computers have a great design and are loaded with advanced technology. Most of the Dell desktops have an Intel processor.

The Dell laptops are available in both online and offline stores. The Dell laptops are in an affordable price range and have significant configurations.

3. Asus

Asus is another Taiwanese company that first got its feet wet producing motherboards before expanding into other products such as notebooks, tablets, and smartphones today.

Asus is well-known and one of the best computer brands in India. It mainly produces Windows-powered PCs and a few models with Linux-based operating systems.

Asus has been producing some of the most popular laptops in the Indian market for quite some time now. However, it seems to be struggling to keep up with other top brands like Dell and Apple.

Its ultra-slim Zenbooks, Transformer Books, and high-end gaming ROG line have built up a strong reputation in recent years. Asus is best known for building high-quality products that are packed with features.

4. Lenovo

Lenovo is third in the 2015 Top 10 Computer Manufacturers list by research firm Gartner Inc. It was ranked at number two last year, falling behind HP (Hewlett-Packard).

With solid products such as Yoga series laptops that can be flipped into tablets or notebooks depending on your convenience, Lenovo is undoubtedly one of the leading companies for a high-quality laptop range. The company also manufactures smartphones and intelligent televisions.

5. LG

LG Electronics is a South Korean electronics company that started as ‘GoldStar’ in 1958. The company has grown to become one of the top appliance manufacturers in the world today.

The company has three main divisions: home entertainment, mobile communications, and home appliances and air solutions.

It also provides e-commerce solutions through its subsidiaries C&U and LG Smart World, and LG currently holds a global market share of 6 percent, Gartner reports suggest.

LG manufactures one of the best Monitors in the world.

6. Acer

Acer was founded in 1976 by Stan Shih, and the company initially specialized in plastic molding before expanding into electronics later on.

Although it initially expanded into Europe, Asia, South America, North America, and Africa, it began to experience heavy losses by 2013, which led Acer’s CEO to announce that the brand would be pulling out of these markets after 30 years so they could re-focus their efforts on Asian markets instead.

Acer has been a PC leader in Taiwan since 1981 and is now the third-largest computer vendor in the world.

According to New York Times reports, it also runs one of the largest laptop manufacturing plants, with an annual production capacity of 15 million units as of 2014.

7. Hp

Hewlett-Packard (HP) is a leading American technology company that manufactures computers and printers.

The United States is HP’s largest regional market, holding almost 30% of the market.

The company has been a market leader since it started in 1939 and was ranked number one on the Top Computer Manufacturers 2019 list by Gartner Inc. for the Q1 2018 period.

IDC reports show it also held 15% of overall PC shipments during this time, selling over 10 million units worldwide.

HP offers a wide range of PCs for both consumer and business use, with high-security features such as fingerprint readers, which makes it an ideal laptop brand for those who have to handle sensitive information at work or home all the time.

Its lineup of products includes laptops from Pavilion and Elite.

8. Samsung

Samsung is a global firm based in Samsung Town, Seoul, South Korea. As one of today’s top technological firms, the company consists of subsidiaries and related enterprises, most of which are unified under the Samsung brand.

Samsung entered the computer industry after it acquired SPC, a division of Tandy Corporation based in Japan specializing in electronic calculators. According to IDC estimates, Samsung was already in third place among worldwide laptop makers in 2009.

With popular goods including Samsung Galaxy tablets and smartphones, it still has a global market share of over 9%.

9. Toshiba

Toshiba is a multinational conglomerate company that manufactures various electronic goods, including laptops.

According to New York Times reports, it’s currently ranked as the fourth largest laptop manufacturer globally, with an annual laptop production capacity of over 18 million.

Although originally Japan-based, Toshiba now has its headquarters in Tokyo, Japan, and operates worldwide with 461 subsidiaries and 204 affiliates in 69 countries as of December 2013.

The company also employed nearly 300,000 people worldwide as of 2017. Its range of products includes notebooks, TVs, smartphones, etc.

All-in-One Desktops from Best Desktop Companies in India

HP All-in-One 22-inch Desktop

Best all in one pc
  • 10th Gen Intel i3-1005G1 Processor
  • 8GB Ram
  • 1TB HDD
  • Windows 10 Home and MS Office
  • Alexa Built-in

Lenovo 330-F0D70070IN

Best all in one desktop
  •  Intel Celeron J4005 Processor 
  • 4 GB Ram
  • 1 TB hard drive
  • Windows 10 Home
  • Camera: 720P HD

Lenovo IdeaCentre A340

Best all in one desktop in India
  • 10th Gen Intel Core i3
  • 8GB Ram
  • 1TB HDD+256GB SSD
  • Wireless Keyboard and Mouse
  • HD 720p Camera


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Q.1: Which are the top desktop computer brands in India?

Ans. These are all some of the best Desktop computer brands in India

Q.2: Which is the best laptop company in India?

Ans. There are many laptop companies in India.
But in my opinion, the best laptop brand that most people love is the Apple Macbook.

Q.3: Which brand of PC is best in India?

Ans. The best PC brands in India are:
1. Hewlett-Packard (HP)
2. Dell. Dell is also among the top desktop brands in India.
3. Acer is known for its slim desktop models
4. Apple for best-performance Macbooks
5. Compaq Computer Corporation.

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