7+ Tips to Fix AirPods Case Not Charging Issue 2023

Today, I’ll show you how to fix AirPods Case Not Charging issue and why it happens.

AirPods and the W1 chip and the overall experience are things everyone should experience at least once in their lifetime. However, the initial excitement about the tiny wireless earbuds could soon fade away if you end up facing issues like this.

Some users have reported that the AirPods case cannot be charged on their non-Apple devices, and sometimes they are not charging with any device.

And then, a question arises as to why my AirPods case is not charging.

Before we begin, let’s look at why your Apple AirPods pro case isn’t charging.

Reasons for Airpods Case not Charging

The issue can arise when your iPhone or iPad cannot supply adequate power to charge the case. And the other three main reasons are –

  1. The USB cable had the part that is connected to the power source port. 
  2. The Lightning connector contact point is covered with dust on the charging case.
  3. Dust on AirPods charges contact points on the case.

How to fix Airpods case not charging

How to Fix AirPods Case Not Charging no light

Apple’s AirPods are among the most popular wireless headphones on the market today. They’re tiny, discreet, and simple to use, making them an ideal complement to any iPhone user’s life.
However, there may be situations when you cannot charge your AirPods; luckily, there are several simple methods to try that will hopefully help solve the problem for you.
So, here are the nine ways you may apply to fix an AirPods case that isn’t charging and doesn’t have a light.

1. Factory Reset

The first method you can try to solve this issue is by factory resetting the case. To rest the AirPods case, follow simple three steps –

  • To do this, you need to open the back lid of the case and then remove the tab present inside it.
  • After removing that tab, hold down for 5-6 seconds until you see an on-screen message “poof” with a white light coming out of it.
  • Resetting by poof works only when both the Airpods are inside their slots covered by a magnetic lid.

A factory reset can be helpful in many cases, so it is worth trying. Now try Airpods again.

Please note that if your pods are not charging even after performing Factory Reset, then you must have a look at our other Methods

2. Clean Airpods Charging Port

The second solution you can try is to clean your AirPods case charging port or lightning connector. A dirty or faulty charging port is another reason that makes AirPods case no charge. Therefore, follow the below method to clean up your ports:
You can use an earbud to clean the charging port on your AirPods case because more dirt and oil can get on your AirPods case over time causing your charging case not to get enough power from the source or to charge slowly.

As a result, you should clean your AirPods Charging Port and case after each usage to avoid this type of AirPods issue.

You can also buy the Full 12 in 1 Silicone AirPods cleaning Set from the below button

3. Clean your AirPods

The third solution to fix the AirPods case charging issue is to clean both of your AirPods effectively.
To resolve this problem, you should clean the air pods and site charging contact of a particular AirPod with an earbud, dry cloth, or soft microfiber cloth.

Then put your AirPod inside the charging case and try to recharge your AirPods with a USB cable.
For faster charging, AirPods brand Apple suggests iPhone and iPad chargers.

4. Change your Charging Cable

Another method is to try different lighting on the USB-C cable.

Change your AirPods case charging cable, you can use iPhone and an iPad charging cable. If you use a third-party cable, then check the court has MFI certified that’s suggested by Apple.

When you put your charging case into a full charge, then a charging icon appears on the phone screen next to the AirPods and case battery percentage.

5. Avoid Extension Cable

Don’t use an extension cord to charge AirPods and charge on the wall plug.
Use the cable that came with your AirPods.Charging on the wall plug is better than setting it through a power bank if you are in a hurry.
However, when you charge the Airpod with the charger separately, make sure they both have 100% battery life before placing them together in an aluminum case or any other type of metal.

6. Use the correct way to charge your AirPods

It would be best if you charge your AirPods the correct way. You can plug your AirPods charging case into a PC or Mac USB port.

If you don’t have one, then you should borrow one from your friend and try this idea.

Put the AirPods in the case and charge them for 15 minutes and check you can see the charging icon on your iPhone for a wireless charging case.

If you see the icon, then your AirPods are fine.

If you don’t see the icon, then make sure the Lightning cable is plugged in firmly and try to charge again

7. Drain AirPods to zero

The other solution that you can try is to drain the AirPods case to zero and recharge it again. After thoroughly draining the battery of your AirPods, try to recharge with an Authentic Charging Cable.

Hope this method works for you.

8. Fix your AirPod battery hardware

If your AirPods can’t charge and blink green and red light status, then you may need to replace the battery.

Please get in touch with Apple support or make an appointment at the apple store. If you use this service, your Airpods warranty will be void. Make sure to back up all data before letting them touch it.

Here’s the cost of the AirPods battery and US dollar charging case.

The battery repair cost is stellar 49 for warranty users, and for out-of-warranty users, the AirPods charging case battery repair cost is fifty-nine dollars.

You can order a waterproof AirPods case from the given link below


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Airpods are one of the most popular new products on the block. Yet like any other product, they too have issues and problems that users need to know about.

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